Even more Incoming Mail!

Incoming Mail

Hi everybody! 🙂

It was my birthday yesterday! Whoooo… I participated in a birthday game at the facebook group “Penpalling & Letters”, where everyone sends everyone a birthday card, so I’ve had a LOT of incoming mail these last few days… there are still some cards missing, however, which is why I’ll wait and make an extra post for all the lovely birthday mail later this (or next) week! 🙂


So today I’m going to show you a little more of my “normal” incoming snail mail! I’m almost done answering my BIG pile of incoming letters, now that I have time for letter writing again, and as soon as my penpals have received their letters, I’m going to make my first “Outgoing Mail” post, too! 🙂


The first letter for today is from the lovely Emma from Scotland! I love the Popcorn stationery, it’s so cool!!!

afterfocus_144156659445120150906_150412 afterfocus_1441566535393

Emma has also included a Mail Tag, which I’m relatively new to, but I love it! For anyone who doesn’t know what this is, you basically include a little piece of paper with a few questions (normally 3-5) for your penpal to answer. I’m planning to do a blog post on Mail Tags soon, where I’ll explain it in more depth and also give some tips on how to do it! 🙂


And that wasn’t all! Emma also gave me some awesome extras, a selfmade paper flower, nail art stickers (I LOVE nail art!), a tea bag – which I can’t wait to try, but for now it’s still too hot outside, and I don’t feel like drinking tea! I really want to enjoy the tea so I guess I’ll better wait for autumn to arrive! 🙂 And finally, there are some “stamp” stickers with Alice in Wonderland designs! I love them! ❤


On to the next letter! This one is from Veronica from the Czech Republic! It’s the very first letter I’ve received from her, and it’s just perfect!

  afterfocus_1440588567935 afterfocus_1440588592533 afterfocus_1440588744942

Veronica’s letter is really lovely and sweet, and I loved reading it! She has also included a little extra: a postcard from Hotel Paris in Prague, which is beautiful!!! ❤ , and a cute little glittery tag with her address 🙂 I also think she has a really cool handwriting, don’t you think?

 afterfocus_1440588646111 afterfocus_1440588772938

The third one for today is a very lovely letter from Gia Tu from Vietnam! (A little stamp appreciation, please! 😉 )

afterfocus_1440588892717 afterfocus_1440588922368

I met Gia Tu when I made a little postcard giveaway in a snail mail facebook group lately! She received one of my cards and wanted to send me one back, too. I was really surprised to not get “only” a postcard, but a full letter!

afterfocus_1440588994918 afterfocus_1440589042732

It seems we’re now penpals by chance, but I’m really happy about it because I’ve never had a penpal from Vietnam before and I’m excited to learn about new cultures! Gia Tu is a very crafty person, she’s so creative and talented! I absolutely love the little dry flower she put at the bottom of her letter! ❤ She also has a very beautiful handwriting and made me a little calligraphy quote with a quill, it’s awesome!

afterfocus_1440589016337 afterfocus_1440589075358

Now on to a letter which arrived just in time before I had to leave Germany! I was really worried it would arrive after I left, but it made it in time and I’m so happy about it! It’s from Chané from South Africa!

 afterfocus_1441364533326 afterfocus_1441364454339

It´s Chanés first letter to me, and I absolutely loved it! Before we started penpalling, we agreed on a little book exchange, so along with my first letter to her, I sent her one of my favourite books (“Wicked Lovely” by Melissa Marr), and was really excited to see which one she’d choose for me! Of course, I had to take the book to Spain with me and can’t wait to read it!

afterfocus_1441364596600 afterfocus_1441364636069

The letter itself was also very, very lovely and I can’t wait to answer it! I already feel like I’ve known Chané for ages, it just “clicked” with us! 🙂

Finally, I have 3 postcards to show you! Two of them were, like Gia Tu’s letter, responses to the postcard giveaway! The first is from Kazuyo from Japan. It’s a beautiful card with a lovely quote on it and I was very happy to receive it!

20150823_131551 20150823_131544

The second one is from Amy from the USA:


The front of the card says: “What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson. Thanks to Amy, it really made my day, as she also wished me luck with my thesis, which I could really use at that time! I also really love the Capitol Reef postcard she included!

Finally, I also received a postcard from Melody from Canada! She’s one of my newer penpals, and we haven’t actually exchanged letters yet, but when she recently made a trip to San Francisco, she sent me a postcard from there, and I love it!


I seem to have a “thing” for handwritings, because once again, I have to note how cool Melody’s is! And can we please also appreciate the seal with the mailbox!?! ❤afterfocus_1440588825369afterfocus_1440588847594


Soo, that’s all for today! Congrats if you’ve made it through that giant post! 😉
I’ll be back soon with my birthday mail!
Hope you all have a lovely day!

— Theresa ❤


I’m back – Hello from Spain! :)

Hello again!
Against my expectations – and maybe yours, too – I couldn’t publish another post last week. It has been a crazy week indeed! I finished my bachelor thesis just in time before it had to be printed and sent out. I’m really happy with the outcome and that it is finally over! 🙂

I couldn’t rest after that, however, because I had to pack everything for my move to Spain! It’s really complicated when you have to pack stuff for two people for a whole year and only have so much space in your car (how do people even do this when they go abroad by PLANE?!)! The whole move didn’t really dawn on me until shortly before we left, when I had to say goodbye to everyone. I had the chance to meet my best friend again ❤ Which was GREAT ❤ I miss you already!

We then also had a little “farewell party” (well, more of a “cake-and-coffee with the family”) on Sunday where we said goodbye to my sister, uncle and grannys and then on Monday we said goodbye to my dad and started our journey in the morning. We went all the way to the western boarder of Germany, into France (through some very idyllic, out-in-the-sticks parts, too) and then spent the night in a B&B to get some rest and be fresh for the rest of the journey the next day. Yesterday we passed into Spain and took the chance to have a little rest at a small city in the Basque country called Zarautz, where we had lunch and enjoyed the view of the Atlantic ocean ❤

We then arrived at our new home – Valladolid – in the afternoon, found a parking space right in front of our flat (yay!) and began unpacking. Today we got up late 😀 unpacked a little bit more and sorted out a few things with the university here…then we had a little walk around the city centre, and it’s really beautiful here, I already love it!!!

20150902_131751_Richtone(HDR) 20150902_131801_Richtone(HDR)

Now I have finally settled a bit, the flat isn’t a complete mess anymore – I even found space for my very own snail mail drawer! I love it! 🙂 I guess I am off to some letter writing now again after weeks – FINALLY!


I will be back soon with the remaining part of my incoming mail and some other post ideas I already have in mind! 🙂

I hope you’re all doing great!

❤ — Theresa


Hello everyone! Today I want to show you the second part of my big pile of incoming mail! (There will be three parts in total – at least regarding the pile of letters I have to answer at the moment).

But first I want to tell you all a little bit about the reason why I haven’t been able to answer any of my letters recently. In fact, there is a big change in my life about to come: I’m going to spend 10 months abroad – in Spain – and I’m off there next Monday! For this reason, my husband and I had to move out of our flat last week, bring all our stuff to my dad’s house, work out a way to fit everything we don’t want / can’t take with us there (and in a way so that not all rooms are packed with boxes… 😀 ). And – as if that wasn’t enough – I also had to finish my bachelor thesis before I’m leaving. Today marks the day I FINALLY finished it (and about time, too… I need to proofread it and then print and send it on Saturday!). In order to manage everything in time I got myself a ban on letter-writing for August, and now I’m seeing that I really couldn’t have allowed myself taking any more free time for it, as I only managed to finish my thesis just in time (which was foreseeable, really, because I can always work best under time pressure and actually had no other choice than finishing it so late 😀 😀 )…

SO… once I’ve settled in Spain and my life’s a bit more relaxed, I can FINALLY answer all my incoming mail. In fact, I can’t wait to do so!


Now on to the incoming mail I have promised you. In this post I’m going to show you 3 more letters. They are all from relatively new penpals of mine. The first is from Joanne in Wales:


It’s Jo’s second letter to me and it was very lovely again – just like her first one. I really love the cute little kitty sticker on the back on the envelope, and also think the coloured paper Jo uses is really cool. Last time it was pink, this time it’s green!

afterfocus_1440588036844 afterfocus_1440588095108 afterfocus_1440588131192

The next one I want to show you is a first letter from Laura from the Netherlands. Laura has told me that this is her first snail mail letter ever, and I have to say that she really did well – after all, first letters are always quite hard to write!


Her letter was really lovely and cute and I am very happy that she has become my penpal! I also think Laura has a really cool handwriting!

afterfocus_1440588238971 afterfocus_1440588298673

The third and final letter I’m showing you is from Sasha in the US:


It is actually also Sasha’s first letter to me, but I had written her one before. Can we please take a moment and appreciate the absolutely adorable owl-and-bird envelope Sasha has crafted? I LOVE it!!!

Again, I’m in love with American stamps:


Can it get better than penguins? I think not. Sasha has also included a little extra. It’s a handmade Mickey Mouse keychain! I think it’s really cute and can’t thank Sasha enough for sending it to me.


Finally a little glimpse at Sasha’s letter itself:


I really love the paper she used, it has a really nice texture and little dots and hearts printed on it!


That’s all for now guys! I don’t know if there will be another post before I’m leaving for Spain – but as far as I know myself, I’m almost sure there will be. I already have the photos ready for the third part of the incoming mail post, so it’s very tempting to make a post again this week!

Until then, take care!

— Theresa ❤

Incoming Mail

A little earlier than planned, here is my first proper post!
First, however, I would like to say a few words about why I started this blog in the first place. I’ve always wanted to make a blog about all the little things in life worth being talked about but never really had the right idea for it. Then my lovely penpal Caroline from Ireland introduced me to her snail mail blog and I immediately fell in love with the idea. A little later another fellow snail mailer, Sabrina from Germany, started a similar blog – also being inspired by Caroline – and that was when I decided I wanted to do the same thing! So now here it is: as I have stated before, this blog will not exclusively be about snail mailing, but it is its dominant topic!

Here are the links to Caroline’s and Sabrina’s blogs, you won’t regret checking them out!
Caroline’s Letterbox
Sabrina’s Snail Mail

Now moving on to my HUGE to-be-answered snail mail pile!
These are 12 letters and 2 postcards from all over the world which I can’t wait to finally answer, but due to personal reasons – which I might explain in a later post – I won’t be able to do so before September. So, until then, I’ll present to you these lovely incoming letters in groups of about 4 or 5. Here are the first:

Having mentioned here before, I’m starting with this lovely letter from Caroline from Ireland! It is a really sweet, long and thoughtful letter and I absolutely loved it! Caroline also included a tea bag, which I am very excited about:

Her decorated envelope is just too cute, and can I just mention that I adore the badger stamp?!

On to the next letter from Daisy in England! This is Daisy’s third letter to me and I already feel like I’ve known her for ages! She has written me a very long letter with the coolest self-made Harry Potter stationery!

Daisy also included two little gifts: a small card with an envelope and a quote postcard. I absolutely love the quote because it is very similar to another quote about imagination by Einstein which has always been one of my favourites! (You can see this quote in the “About Me” section). Another cute little thing about this letter is the snail mail stamp on the envelope!
The next one is a letter from Holly in the US. Funnily enough, this is also Holly’s third letter to me.
She always uses very pretty cards for her letters and always sends some extras, too. I also really like the stamp, I think American stamps are always very pretty!
i97IwDL QmUafal hmQLy1w

The next letter is one of those who’ve had the longest journey: it’s from Cassandra from Australia!
This is Cassandra’s second letter to me, and it is just as glittery and glimmery and perfect as the first one! Cassandra has sent me a lot of extras: a tea bag in a VERY glittery little envelope, a postcard and a small quote card:
NxOiYrT yzyLguQ
Just like in her first letter, she also added a lot of heart-shaped confetti. It’s always a little party when you open her letters, I just love it!
And now we’re already at the last letter I’m presenting in this post, from the lovely Giorgia in Italy!
It’s actually Giorgia’s first letter to me and I really loved it! I hope this can turn into a very lovely long-term snail mail friendship!
ez3lKhM Yco7Dol
Wow, this has become quite a long post! Congratulations, if you’ve made it to the end!

I hope you are all having a very great day! See you all soon with more incoming mail!

— Theresa ❤

I just came to say hello!

Hello everyone!

Sooo, this is my brand new blog! It will be a snail mail blog mainly, I intend to post all my outgoing and incoming mail and also write some tips about everything snail mail related!

From time to time, however, I’m also planning to post some other stuff whenever I feel like it. This could involve something about a book I’ve recently read, or maybe just a nice quote I’ve come across and want to share, or also possibly a post with photos about a trip I’ve made 🙂

I am going to start the first post about some incoming mail next week (hopefully)!

Hope to see you all then!

— Theresa ❤