Hello everyone! Today I want to show you the second part of my big pile of incoming mail! (There will be three parts in total – at least regarding the pile of letters I have to answer at the moment).

But first I want to tell you all a little bit about the reason why I haven’t been able to answer any of my letters recently. In fact, there is a big change in my life about to come: I’m going to spend 10 months abroad – in Spain – and I’m off there next Monday! For this reason, my husband and I had to move out of our flat last week, bring all our stuff to my dad’s house, work out a way to fit everything we don’t want / can’t take with us there (and in a way so that not all rooms are packed with boxes… 😀 ). And – as if that wasn’t enough – I also had to finish my bachelor thesis before I’m leaving. Today marks the day I FINALLY finished it (and about time, too… I need to proofread it and then print and send it on Saturday!). In order to manage everything in time I got myself a ban on letter-writing for August, and now I’m seeing that I really couldn’t have allowed myself taking any more free time for it, as I only managed to finish my thesis just in time (which was foreseeable, really, because I can always work best under time pressure and actually had no other choice than finishing it so late 😀 😀 )…

SO… once I’ve settled in Spain and my life’s a bit more relaxed, I can FINALLY answer all my incoming mail. In fact, I can’t wait to do so!


Now on to the incoming mail I have promised you. In this post I’m going to show you 3 more letters. They are all from relatively new penpals of mine. The first is from Joanne in Wales:


It’s Jo’s second letter to me and it was very lovely again – just like her first one. I really love the cute little kitty sticker on the back on the envelope, and also think the coloured paper Jo uses is really cool. Last time it was pink, this time it’s green!

afterfocus_1440588036844 afterfocus_1440588095108 afterfocus_1440588131192

The next one I want to show you is a first letter from Laura from the Netherlands. Laura has told me that this is her first snail mail letter ever, and I have to say that she really did well – after all, first letters are always quite hard to write!


Her letter was really lovely and cute and I am very happy that she has become my penpal! I also think Laura has a really cool handwriting!

afterfocus_1440588238971 afterfocus_1440588298673

The third and final letter I’m showing you is from Sasha in the US:


It is actually also Sasha’s first letter to me, but I had written her one before. Can we please take a moment and appreciate the absolutely adorable owl-and-bird envelope Sasha has crafted? I LOVE it!!!

Again, I’m in love with American stamps:


Can it get better than penguins? I think not. Sasha has also included a little extra. It’s a handmade Mickey Mouse keychain! I think it’s really cute and can’t thank Sasha enough for sending it to me.


Finally a little glimpse at Sasha’s letter itself:


I really love the paper she used, it has a really nice texture and little dots and hearts printed on it!


That’s all for now guys! I don’t know if there will be another post before I’m leaving for Spain – but as far as I know myself, I’m almost sure there will be. I already have the photos ready for the third part of the incoming mail post, so it’s very tempting to make a post again this week!

Until then, take care!

— Theresa ❤


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