Incoming Mail

A little earlier than planned, here is my first proper post!
First, however, I would like to say a few words about why I started this blog in the first place. I’ve always wanted to make a blog about all the little things in life worth being talked about but never really had the right idea for it. Then my lovely penpal Caroline from Ireland introduced me to her snail mail blog and I immediately fell in love with the idea. A little later another fellow snail mailer, Sabrina from Germany, started a similar blog – also being inspired by Caroline – and that was when I decided I wanted to do the same thing! So now here it is: as I have stated before, this blog will not exclusively be about snail mailing, but it is its dominant topic!

Here are the links to Caroline’s and Sabrina’s blogs, you won’t regret checking them out!
Caroline’s Letterbox
Sabrina’s Snail Mail

Now moving on to my HUGE to-be-answered snail mail pile!
These are 12 letters and 2 postcards from all over the world which I can’t wait to finally answer, but due to personal reasons – which I might explain in a later post – I won’t be able to do so before September. So, until then, I’ll present to you these lovely incoming letters in groups of about 4 or 5. Here are the first:

Having mentioned here before, I’m starting with this lovely letter from Caroline from Ireland! It is a really sweet, long and thoughtful letter and I absolutely loved it! Caroline also included a tea bag, which I am very excited about:

Her decorated envelope is just too cute, and can I just mention that I adore the badger stamp?!

On to the next letter from Daisy in England! This is Daisy’s third letter to me and I already feel like I’ve known her for ages! She has written me a very long letter with the coolest self-made Harry Potter stationery!

Daisy also included two little gifts: a small card with an envelope and a quote postcard. I absolutely love the quote because it is very similar to another quote about imagination by Einstein which has always been one of my favourites! (You can see this quote in the “About Me” section). Another cute little thing about this letter is the snail mail stamp on the envelope!
The next one is a letter from Holly in the US. Funnily enough, this is also Holly’s third letter to me.
She always uses very pretty cards for her letters and always sends some extras, too. I also really like the stamp, I think American stamps are always very pretty!
i97IwDL QmUafal hmQLy1w

The next letter is one of those who’ve had the longest journey: it’s from Cassandra from Australia!
This is Cassandra’s second letter to me, and it is just as glittery and glimmery and perfect as the first one! Cassandra has sent me a lot of extras: a tea bag in a VERY glittery little envelope, a postcard and a small quote card:
NxOiYrT yzyLguQ
Just like in her first letter, she also added a lot of heart-shaped confetti. It’s always a little party when you open her letters, I just love it!
And now we’re already at the last letter I’m presenting in this post, from the lovely Giorgia in Italy!
It’s actually Giorgia’s first letter to me and I really loved it! I hope this can turn into a very lovely long-term snail mail friendship!
ez3lKhM Yco7Dol
Wow, this has become quite a long post! Congratulations, if you’ve made it to the end!

I hope you are all having a very great day! See you all soon with more incoming mail!

— Theresa ❤


2 thoughts on “Incoming Mail

  1. I absolutely adore your new blog, my dear Theresa! I’m also happy that you decided to create it and share your passion for snail mail (and not only that!) Thank you kindly for mentioning me and my blog! I honestly had no idea that it would become so inspirational!
    I’m so looking forward to read new blogposts of yours!
    Take care,
    Caroline xxx


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